The club is formed!

My name is Lewys Martin, VK2FAJC
I’m currently 24, and have been interested in radios since I was a kid.
I became a licensed amateur radio operator in 2016, and recently obtained my American radio license too.

Over the last few years I have been conducting many experiments, playing around with new technologies, and meeting some great people.

With the recent social isolation that has been going on, I have found myself talking to more and more people via the radio, and one thing that has become apparent to me is the lack of people around my own age that are involved in the community.
I know for a fact, that there are more of us out there, I have seen them at events, like the Wyong Field Day and the Waverley Ferry Day Contest.
But outside of this I don’t see or hear from people all too much.

One of the reasons I believe this could be, is accessibility and content at the existing clubs.
PLEASE do not get me wrong here, the current clubs are great! I am a member of the Waverly Amateur Radio Society, and I started off at the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club, but for people who are living in Western Sydney suburbs, the existing 3 major clubs are a bit difficult to get to via public transport, and oftentimes have meetings at inopportune times for people who may be studying, working full time or even still in school!

For this reason I am forming this club, WSARC, to help promote amateur radio with youth, and to help bring together people of similar interest.

We will focus on digital communication modes, and experimentation;.
We plan to run events such as weekend day events where we can run a little course on setting up an SDR to receive weather imagery from satellites. And we are hoping to setup a scholarship pool to help bring new operators into the hobby!

So please, if you live in the greater Sydney area, and are interested in radio/radiocommunications, consider becoming a member and helping to keep this great hobby alive!

Thank you,

Lewys Martin

2 thoughts on “The club is formed!

  • April 25, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    Herd about your amazing new club from another ham in Victoria, I live in Beechworth north east Victoria closest repeater is vk2ray on 2m, I’m 26 and like yourself was struggling to find my age group within the hobby, I will be setting up a hotspot soon and working off Shepparton DMR repeaters as soon as I’m licensed! I would love to become a long distance member of your Sydney club! Next week I look forward to signing up!

    • April 25, 2020 at 7:16 pm

      Hey Joe!

      Thank you so much! I love hearing that word is getting around, please help spread if you can!

      When you get a hotspot up and running let us know!

      Maybe I should setup a linked system like the guys have… DMR, Yaesu, NXDN and P25 in mixmode chatroom 🤔

      Good luck getting your license! Let me know if there is anything we can do to help!!

      Are you taking your foundation exam online?


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