Introducing our club callsign: VK2SWR

Greetings everyone!

I write to you today with good news!

Our club callsign has just become active in the ACMA database!

We have applied for, and been granted the advanced callsign of VK2SWR, it has a few meanings for us.

For those of you who dont yet understand the callsign structure used around the world, it is used by amateurs to quickly identify who they are speaking to. The callsign usually contains some information as to the location of an operator, often down to the state they live in! In addition, the suffix portion can usually be customised by the operator at time of operation to signify a message of their choosing.

In the case of our new callsign, VK2SWR; this has a few bits of info. VK is the prefix usually used by Australian amateur stations (however there is some special exceptions such as the AX prefix). The number 2 tells that we are in NSW, and SWR is a 2.5x meaning here! As you may know, swr stands for standing wave ratio, which is how well a signal is traveling through an antenna system and being radiated, rather than reflected back to the radio.

Additionally, we could say it stands for Sydney West Radio! As we are a western Sydney radio club!

What does this callsign mean for the club?

This casing will be used to run a few things including the club’s APRS iGates, and will be offered up for use at club events, to members and unlicensed but supervised-by-a-license-holder members, when operating.

Use of this callsign will need to be logged by club committee members so please don’t use it without prior approval as we will need to approve, check your qualifications and exchange some information!

If you don’t have your own callsign yet; I take this opportunity to remind you that on Thursday the 2nd of July there is a USA exam session at Meadowbank! Check the events section for more information 🙂

73 and thanks for reading!


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