Callsign changes are live!

As of yesterday, any amateur in Australia can hold any 3 letter callsign! The day is finally here!

Check out this page on the ACMA for specifics, but essentially this means we can now operate modes such as FT8 or APRS properly, and we can have one callsign from getting our first license til the day we die but still able to upgrade the license class!

This is great news for the community and it will help new hams out greatly, make sure to get your request in fast as I assume the AMC will be inundated with new requests!

One thought on “Callsign changes are live!

  • August 3, 2020 at 1:43 pm


    Got an email back from AMC:

    Thank you for your change of call sign application.

    As you may be aware, we have had an extraordinary number of applications and it will take us some time to process them all.
    We appreciate your understanding and we will be in touch when we able to progress your application.

    Kind regards,
    AMC Amateur Radio Team


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