Amateur TETRA in Australia

Recently several club members have been working on bringing TETRA to the local amateur radio community. Its a daunting task with no clear trajectory. With nothing but the goal in sight, no idea of the path it will take to get there, the process has finally reached some success, as some basic simplex messages have been exchanged on 70cm TETRA DMO (Simplex)!

More research and effort is required, so far there is no way to unlock DMO in a Motorola radio that does not already have it enabled, but once DMO is enabled it is simply a matter of figuring out how to program the radio, and entering amateur frequencies!

If anybody has experience with programming Sepura radios, please leave a comment on this post, we would love to find information on DIY Programming cables and if DMO is as restricted on Sepura transceivers as it seems to be on Motorola ones!

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