We are currently in the process of setting up a 70cm repeater, this will be either an allstar/echolink node or a FM/P25 digital repeater.

Currently we are seeking a site for the repeater install, and when we have obtained a site and the repeater license we will update this page with progress.

Any assistance with obtaining a site is appreciated!


There is a 2m RX ONLY APRS iGate located in Westmead near Parramatta Park, run by VK2FAJC using the callsign KJ7MWK.
It has a homebrew 1/4λ ground plane antenna tuned to 145.175Mhz approx 16m agl , feeding a VM on Proxmox running Direwolf.

ADS-B Receiver

There is an ADSB Receiver at the same location as the APRS iGate, it is running on a dedicated Raspberry Pi 3B+. Its data is available to be viewed HERE, and is fed through to FlightAware.